Our Story.

We have a mission to transform traditional baby keepsakes and bring them into the digital age. Our goal is to assist busy mothers in creating personalised baby books that capture precious memories from their child's first year milestones. With our user-friendly Memory Book App, mothers can effortlessly transform these cherished moments into stunning keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

Dujourbaby mum playing with baby

Meet our founder.

Our company was founded by Arpana - a doting new mummy who is obsessed with her baby boy, Tyson. 

Empty baby book. Growing mum guilt.

In between playing peekaboo and changing countless nappies, Arpana struggled to find time (or was simply too exhausted!) to write in her baby journal. 

She started recording memories on her phone, with the intention of transferring notes to her baby book. But, with a growing to-do list and some much needed ‘me’ time, she never got around to it. Overwhelmed with the task, Arpana regrettably ended up with an empty baby book.

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A better way.

Arpana soon realised that scribbling memories in a clunky baby book is inconvenient and frankly, it’s old fashioned. She founded DujourBaby, drawing upon her experience in technology and marketing, to revolutionise the baby journaling experience.

Mum recording baby memories and milestones on phone while baby sleeping

Baby journaling made easy.

Dujourbaby simplifies baby journaling. Build a beautiful custom baby book that you’ll cherish forever on mobile. Our alerts ensure you never miss a milestone again. Plus, log all of your memories online, from the palm of your hand.

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