We hope our FAQs help answer questions you might have about our services! If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help!

How does it work?

We make recording memories easy. Download our app to get started. We’ll send custom notifications when your baby reaches a major milestone. Simply tap on the notification to capture stories and upload photos. See a live preview instantly and customise pages on our user-friendly editor. When you’re ready to print your custom baby book, simply tap the order button. We’ve partnered with top suppliers to print a high-quality custom baby book for you.

How do I record memories?
We’ll send custom notifications when your baby reaches a major milestone. Tap to record entries and upload photos on our straightforward forms, built for mobile. Our smart app will automatically upload your responses and photos to the corresponding milestone page of your custom baby book.

Can I add pictures?
Yes! Simply upload your favourite photos for each milestone and our smart app will automatically place them on the relevant page.

We’ve also included photo only pages at the end of the book to include all those extra photos of your sweetie pie!

What customisation is available?
It’s simple and easy to make customisations to your baby book with our intuitive page editor. Edit questions or responses and replace or swap photos in a few taps.

I made a mistake on a page. Can I fix it?
Absolutely! See a live preview of pages and make edits at any time.

What will my book look like?
Our high-quality baby books are beautiful keepsakes, printed in full colour with 36 gorgeous satin pages. Books are a standard A4 size. We’ve partnered with artsy designers to create beautiful baby books that you’ll cherish forever.

Can I record memories of past milestones?

Absolutely! Record memories at any time, from anywhere. Easily navigate to past milestone pages from our user-friendly dashboard and fill entries fast with our intuitive prompts.

I forgot to complete a milestone. Can I record it now?
Absolutely! Get unlimited access to our memory book app with all purchases. Capture stories when it's most convenient for you! Simply open the app and navigate to the milestone page when you’re ready.

What do subscriptions include?

Our subscriptions include full access to custom notifications, the milestone dashboard, baby diary, photo uploads, page editor and a built-in preview.

Where can I get pricing info?

Pricing is available on our App. Simply follow the below prompts below to check it out on our App.

Profile > View Pricing > View Plans

We are currently running a special launch promo, which includes discount pricing and a Bonus Baby Book Bundle with all subscriptions! Check out our app for more details! It's free to download and try!

How does the free trial work?

Download our app and get full access to all features for free, for 14 days. Get notifications, record entries, upload photos and more, at your convenience! Play around with our awesome features and if you’re not convinced, simply feel relieved that you gave it a go.

Do I need to commit to a locked-in plan?
Nope! Choose our monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time. You’ve got nothing to lose.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. When you cancel, you’ll lose access to all features immediately. Your account will still exist, but you won’t be able to record details, upload photos or make edits on the preview.

How do I order a print copy of my memory book?
Simply select the ‘order’ button on the preview page when your custom baby book is ready to print. We partner with premium suppliers to print high-quality baby books for you.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?
Yes, we do! We deliver custom baby books to countries all over the globe!

Can I sign up before my baby’s born?
Sure! In fact, we recommend signing up before your due date. Set up your custom baby book and get familiar with our memory book app, so that you can start recording those precious memories on the day your baby arrives.

We’ve also created pregnancy milestone pages for you to start capturing special moments from the journey so far!  

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