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What to Write in a Baby Memory Book

Writing in your baby’s memory book is so important, but let’s be honest, sometimes you might hit a wall and have no idea where to start. There are so many milestones and exciting moments to cover in a baby’s first year, it can be tough recording all those memories in your baby's book. 

But don’t give up just yet! We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to help you figure out what to write in your baby memory book, so you can keep those precious memories safe and sound.

7 Baby Book Writing Ideas

1. Funny Things Babies Do 

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Babies are full of surprises and they have a unique way of exploring the world around them. Their reactions to new things can be hilarious! From the silly noises they make to the funny faces they pull and even their stinky poops can make you laugh. It's important to jot down these funny moments in your baby memory book, so you can cherish them forever. You'll want to remember all the cute things like the way they giggle or blow raspberries. Trust us, these are the moments you'll cherish for years to come!

2. Outings with Baby 

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Weekends and outings with your baby are filled with endless possibilities for fun and excitement. Introducing them to the world around them is such a joy! Each weekend brings a new adventure and opportunity for creating special memories. Don't forget to document the places you visited with your baby each month in your memory book. From beach holidays to play centres, write about your baby's experiences and how they played and responded in their new environment. Whether you're taking them to the zoo to see animals for the first time or simply to your local park, make sure to capture those memorable moments in your baby memory book. You'll love looking back on these adventures with your little one for years to come!

3. Baby Routines 

baby playing on mat doing tummy time

Maintaining a routine with your baby can be challenging, especially as they grow, develop and change so quickly! However, it's a good idea to document any special routines you have with your little one. Jot down things like your morning, afternoon, and nighttime routines. What are your baby's favourite songs? Do they love "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or do they coo when you sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb"? Write about how much they enjoy tummy time and how they squirm when you play peekaboo. And let's not forget about sleep – hopefully, you'll have some positive things to write about that! These may seem like small details now, but you'll look back on them fondly when your baby suddenly grows up! 

4. First-Year Baby Milestones

baby taking first steps

A baby's first year is filled with so many exciting milestones, from their first smile to their first steps. To help you remember these special moments, we've compiled a list of 10 important baby milestones to record.

When recording memories from these milestones, be sure to capture the moment it happened, who was present, and most importantly, how your baby reacted. Did they express surprise when they first rolled over? Were they overjoyed when they took their first steps? Did they make funny faces when they tried solid foods for the first time? Writing down these details will allow you to cherish these memories forever.

5. Likes and Dislikes of a Baby 

baby eating food for the first time

Your little bundle of joy may surprise you with their likes and dislikes, even at such a young age. It could be their taste in food or the activities they enjoy. They may show a particular dislike for having their nappy changed or an affinity for playing on their play mat. Perhaps they have a special spot in your home they love to relax in or a favourite toy they can't seem to put down. Jot down all these little details in your baby memory book so that you can share these precious moments with them when they are older.

6. Special Relationships

grandmother with baby

Your baby is likely to develop unique and meaningful relationships with your family and friends. You may notice that your little one is particularly close to a specific grandparent, aunt or uncle, or has formed a strong bond with your close friends. It's important to document these special relationships and the amount of time your baby spends with each person.

If your baby has siblings, be sure to record memorable moments such as their first meeting or the first time their older sibling held them. Additionally, don't forget to document all the fun times your baby has with cousins. Whether your baby has many cousins or just one, write about how they interact and play together during their visits.

If your baby happens to be the first child in the family, they are likely to receive a lot of attention and spoiling. Take note of all the special moments and the extra love they receive. By recording these memories, you will be able to look back and cherish the unique relationships and experiences that your baby has had with your loved ones.

7. Baby Development

baby playing with toys to develop coordination skills

The first year of your baby's life is an incredibly exciting time filled with countless developmental milestones. Each day, your baby is growing and learning new skills that are important indicators of their progress. These milestones are not only exciting to witness, but they also serve as a testament to your baby's growth and development.

To ensure that you never forget these important moments, record each new skill your baby learns in your memory book app. Whether it's the first time your baby lifts their head up or the moment they start making cooing sounds, every milestone is worth celebrating and documenting.

It can be really helpful to keep track of your baby's progress during their doctor checkups. You might want to consider jotting down their height and weight, so you can keep tabs on how they're growing. If you listen out for how they respond to loud noises, you can monitor their hearing development. As their vision improves, you'll notice them making more eye contact with you - it's a really special moment to document.

You might also enjoy keeping track of their speech and language development. From those precious first coos to their first words, the adorable sounds they make is worth capturing.

Remember, you don't have to document every milestone, but it's nice to have a record of your baby's growth and development to look back on in the future and see just how far they have come. It's an incredibly rewarding experience to witness your baby's growth and development, and documenting each step of the way will help you cherish these memories for years to come.

Tips for Baby Book Writing 

Now that we've gone over what to write in a baby memory book we've also compiled some helpful tips to make the writing process easier and more efficient for you. These tips can help you save time and make sure that you capture all the special moments and milestones of your little one's early years.

Take Plenty of Baby Photos 

mom taking selfie with baby

Let's be real, we all love taking tons of pictures of our little ones - and that's totally okay! In fact, you'll be grateful for all those snaps when you look back on them later. The best part about taking photos is that they're time-stamped, so you can always remember when each special moment happened.

If you happen to miss a milestone, don't stress - just snap a picture afterwards to record the time. Even if you don't have time to write about the moment in your baby keepsake book, you'll still have the photo to jog your memory later on.

To keep things organized, try sorting your photos by month to make it easier to compare your baby's growth. You can use a digital app like Dujourbaby to store them or print them out and stick them in a traditional paper baby book - either way works! The most important thing is to keep snapping away every day.

Share Baby Growth Updates with Family 

mom sharing texting friends about baby milestones

Chances are, you're already doing this because who wouldn't want to gush about their baby's amazing achievements? When your little one hits a major milestone, don't hesitate to share the news with your loved ones or mum group chat. A quick text or WhatsApp message is often the easiest and most efficient way to spread the word.

The beauty of texting is that you can always go back and search for specific keywords later on. So be sure to include the milestone in your message so you can easily find it with a quick search later on. Don't be shy - share those special moments with your family and friends!

Keep a Record on a Digital Baby App

mom recording memories on digital app

Capturing precious moments of your baby's life has never been easier, thanks to digital baby apps. Simply open the app and jot down a few notes (even if they don't make sense) when you have a moment. You can always refine and add to them later.

The best part? You've captured the date and how the milestone was achieved, giving you something to work with in the future. With a digital app, you'll never miss a moment and can easily keep track of all the important memories.

How to Write a Baby Memory Book 

Writing a baby memory book is a wonderful way to cherish all the special moments and milestones of your little one's first year. But if you're unsure where to start or what to include, don't worry, we've got you covered!

Choose a Baby Book Format that Works for You

baby photo album with cute baby items

There are a variety of options available, from digital apps to traditional paper-based baby books. Decide which one suits your style and preference.

Record Important Baby Dates and Milestones

mom playing with baby on bed

As your baby grows and develops, jot down the important milestones they achieve, such as their first words, first steps, or first tooth. These moments are precious and can easily be forgotten if not documented.

Add Personal Touches to your Baby Memory Book

mom holding baby on lap

Include your own thoughts, feelings, and anecdotes about your baby's progress. What are some of your favourite memories? What makes your little one unique? This will make the memory book even more special.

Keep your Memories Organised with a Baby Book

baby playing with toys on floor

Whether you choose a digital app or a traditional baby book, keep it organised by month or milestone. This will make it easier to look back and compare your baby's growth and progress.

Use Baby Book Writing Prompts

mom using Dujourbaby memory book app prompts to write memories

If you're struggling with things to write in your baby memory book, use prompts provided by baby book apps. These prompts can help inspire you and guide you in capturing all the important details.

Get the Dujourbaby Memory Book App

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