How to Keep a Pregnancy Journal

How to Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy marks the beginning of an exciting and life-changing experience! There’s something truly special and magical about the journey of growing a baby, whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced parent-to-be. From the excitement of taking the first pregnancy test to the anticipation of labor, pregnancy is full of ups and downs! Keeping a pregnancy journal is a great way to capture all the moments and memories you’ll want to look back on. 

With the endless to-do list and constant changes to your body, you may not know how to keep a pregnancy journal. If you’re unsure where to begin, our guide can help you take the first steps in creating a treasured pregnancy keepsake filled with cherished memories.

What is a Pregnancy Journal

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A pregnancy journal is a precious record of an expectant mother’s journey, which can take the form of a physical or digital copy keepsake. It is a beautiful way to document and reflect on the emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences of pregnancy, as well as a way to hold on to memories for years to come. A pregnancy journal can also be used as a therapeutic tool, allowing expectant mothers to process changes happening with their bodies and the journey that lies ahead. 

Keeping a pregnancy journal book involves not only recording thoughts and experiences but also collecting and organising photos and other memorabilia into important pregnancy milestones. The length and depth of a pregnancy journal depend on personal preferences. Some expectant mothers may prefer to create a comprehensive and detailed account of their pregnancy journey, while others may choose to keep it short and sweet. 

Similarly, the way in which milestones are organised can vary. Some pregnant women prefer to record weekly milestones, while others may choose to document the most important memories as they arise. Ultimately, the most important aspect of a pregnancy journal is that it serves as a meaningful reflection of the journey towards motherhood. 

Why is it Important to Keep a Pregnancy Journal

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Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in a woman’s life, as the miracle of growing a baby is both beautiful and transformative. With so much going on during this life-changing period, it’s easy to overlook and forget key milestones and emotions. By recording these moments in a journal of pregnancy, mothers can look back on their journey towards motherhood with fondness and appreciation, and more importantly, share the precious memories with their child in the future. 

After your baby is born, you may find yourself scrolling through hundreds of photos on your camera roll, trying to find those precious bump photos that serve as a reminder of what it was like to carry your baby. Keeping a pregnancy book journal allows you to revisit and reflect on your journey. 

A pregnancy journal is also a valuable keepsake for your family. As time passes, memories can begin to fade or blur, making it difficult to recall the specifics of your pregnancy journey. By documenting your experiences and emotions in a pregnancy journal, you create a tangible record that your child will treasure in the years to come. 

In addition to serving as a valuable keepsake, a pregnancy journal can be a helpful tool to process emotions. Journaling can provide a sense of calm and grounding during what can be a stressful time, helping to reduce anxiety. Ultimately, reflecting on your experiences and looking forward to meeting your baby can help cultivate a sense of joy, anticipation, and readiness for the journey of motherhood. 

When to Start Keeping a Pregnancy Journal

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There’s no wrong time to start keeping a pregnancy journal! Whether you begin recording memories the moment you get a positive pregnancy test, or as you anxiously await your baby’s arrival, start your pregnancy journal whenever it suits you best. 

Many expectant mothers choose to start their pregnancy journal during the first days of their maternity leave. During this time, as you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, you’ll be busy with preparations such as putting the final touches on the nursery and doing some last-minute tidying up around the house. Additionally, there may be days of waiting and feeling exhausted. This can be a perfect time to put your feet up and reflect on the last 9 months of your pregnancy journey. You’ve gone through a lot, and there’s still so much more excitement to come! So, take this time to cherish the moments and capture them in your pregnancy journal. 

The most important thing is to simply start your pregnancy journal, no matter when you begin. If you’re starting later in your pregnancy, consider a shorter journal that captures the most important milestones. However, if you’re excited to begin documenting from day one, an in-depth journal that records weekly milestones may be a good option. Remember, the purpose of pregnancy journals for first time moms is to create a meaningful keepsake of your journey to reflect on your experiences. So, whether your journal is long or short, the important thing is to get started! 

Tips for Keeping a Pregnancy Journal

Keeping a pregnancy journal can feel overwhelming at first. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get started. 

Keep a Simple Pregnancy Book

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To avoid feeling overwhelmed, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write lengthy paragraphs or perfect your entries. Simply focus on key milestones to get started. Record details that are important, even if it’s just a few dot points or a couple of sentences. 

Find a Convenient time to Keep a Pregnancy Journal

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Make it a priority to find some time for keeping a pregnancy journal, whether that means setting aside a specific time each month, or simply jotting down thoughts as they come during key milestones. 

A digital Memory Book App can be a great way to multitask and record memories while you’re relaxing on the couch. It’s a convenient way to capture important moments on the go, and you can easily edit or add your entries as you like. 

Focus on Positive Pregnancy Memories

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While pregnancy can come with its fair share of challenges, try to focus on the positive moments and milestones. This will help you stay motivated and excited about the journey ahead. 

Include Pregnancy Photos 

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Don’t forget to capture some beautiful photos of your pregnancy to include in your journal. You can either print and paste them into a physical journal or conveniently upload them to a digital Memory Book App like Dujourbaby. Be sure to include shots of your growing bump from each trimester, pregnancy photo shoots, and those precious ultrasound photos. 

What are Important Pregnancy Milestones to Record

Pregnancy is filled with significant moments, from the first ultrasound to the excitement of picking out a theme for the nursery. It can be overwhelming to decide which pregnancy and baby milestones to record, so we’ve identified the most important ones to include in your pregnancy journal. 

Baby Shower

friends at baby shower

Your baby shower is a special occasion and a time to celebrate your pregnancy journey. It’s a great moment to include in your pregnancy journal. Consider recording details such as the date of the baby shower, who threw it, who attended it, and what baby games were played! You can also include any special moments or memorable gifts that were given to you. 

First Ultrasound

first ultrasound

The first ultrasound is an incredibly exciting milestone in your pregnancy journey! Seeing your little one on the screen, even if it can be difficult to make out at first, and hearing their heartbeat for the first time is a precious moment. Make sure to include this memory in your journal and reflect on how you felt during your baby’s first ultrasound. 

First Kick

mum feeling first kick 

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is a wonderful experience. It might start with flutters, twitches or tickles, but it’s a moment you’ll never forget. Take the time to record how you felt and what you were thinking when it happened. It’s a truly surreal feeling that should be recorded! 

Gender Reveal

expectant mum about to learn gender of her baby

If you opted to find out the gender of your baby, be sure to include it in your pregnancy journal. Whether you had a gender reveal party or found out during an ultrasound, recording this moment and how you felt about it can be a meaningful addition to your journal. 

Best Memories 

 couple reading pregnancy test in excitement

Including the most special and memorable moments from your pregnancy can add a great touch to your journal. Consider recording the joy and excitement you felt when you found out you were pregnant, the unique experience of each trimester, the foods you craved or couldn’t stand, and the reactions of your loved ones when you shared the news. These highlights can help you cherish the most significant moments of your pregnancy for years to come. 

How to Choose a Pregnancy Journal

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There are many ways to keep a pregnancy journal. You can go for the traditional option of using a physical pregnancy journal, where you can write down your thoughts and memories, as well as print and place photos on milestone pages. Alternatively, if you’re a busy mum-to-be, you may prefer a more convenient way of documenting your pregnancy, and opt for a digital guided pregnancy journal instead. 

When deciding whether to keep a digital or physical journal (or both!), take some time to explore your options and consider what will work best for you. If you are committed to recording plenty of details and keeping a comprehensive pregnancy journal, a physical book may be your best bet. But, if you prefer a simple approach focused on key milestones, a digital version might be the way to go - especially if you are on the go! 

If you want the best of both worlds, the Dujourbaby Baby Memory Book may be a good option for you. Build your pregnancy pages on the app and order a printed hardcover book when you’re ready! 

Why use a Digital Pregnancy Journal

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Using a digital pregnancy journal is a convenient way to document the significant milestones of your pregnancy. If you’re juggling a long to-do list and a busy schedule, it might be more manageable to record only the most important details of your pregnancy on an app. With so much to organise, such as hospital check-ups, preparing for the arrival of your little one, and finalising any work before maternity leave, finding time to document every detail can be overwhelming. 

With an online pregnancy journal app, you can record your experience from anywhere, at any time, making it easier to keep track of your journey to motherhood. 

Keep a Pregnancy Journal with the Dujourbaby Memory Book App

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If you’re looking for a way to combine the convenience of keeping a digital pregnancy journal with the nostalgia of a physical keepsake, the Dujourbaby Memory Book App is the perfect solution. The online journal is designed to capture your pregnancy milestones and your baby’s first-year milestones. From the first ultrasound to the first kick, you can easily record memories from the most important moments of your pregnancy. 

Once your little one arrives, the Dujourbaby Memory Book App makes it easy to continue documenting your baby’s milestones throughout their first year. With monthly reminders, you’ll never miss a milestone again. And you can simply order a beautiful hardcover copy to keep as a treasured memento when your pregnancy and baby book is complete. Best of all, the Dujourbaby Memory Book App is free to try! Download it now on the Google Play and App Store. 

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