baby doing tummy time on mat

11 Fun-Filled Activities for Tummy Time

Curious to learn what Tummy Time is and how to make it fun? Look no further! We've curated a list of 11 delightful activities for Tummy Time that will fill your hearts with joy and create cherished bonding moments. 

What is Tummy Time

baby doing tummy time on bed with blue blanket

Tummy time is a magical bonding experience that involves laying your little one on their stomach for short periods while they're awake. It might sound simple, but this activity packs a punch when it comes to your baby's milestones. By placing them on their tummy, you encourage important muscles to grow stronger, like those in the neck, shoulders, and arms. Plus, it sets the stage for essential motor skills like crawling and rolling over. Not only does Tummy time provide valuable physical benefits, but it also allows your baby to explore their surroundings from a fresh perspective.

Why Tummy Time is Important?

baby rolling over for the first time

Tummy time is incredibly important for your baby's development, and here's why! Firstly, it's like a mini boot camp that builds strength in their trunk and neck muscles. Picture them turning into little muscle champs! But that's not all - activities for tummy time benefit their entire body, enhancing coordination and control. It's like a workout, making them strong and steady. Plus, the change in perspective is fascinating! With Tummy time, they get to explore the world from a whole new angle, sparking curiosity and wonder. And let's not forget the sensory play - it engages their senses, adding an extra dose of developmental goodness.

What Age Should Tummy Time Begin

cute baby on the edge of the bed

Tummy time should begin right from day one! As soon as you bring your precious bundle of joy back from the hospital, you can gently introduce them to the wonders of Tummy time. No need to dive into complex tummy time activities right away; simple and gentle tummy time activities are the way to go. A fantastic and straightforward way to start is by laying your baby's tummy on your chest. This provides a cozy and comforting introduction to the concept, allowing them to feel the warmth of your embrace while building those essential muscles.

11 Activities for Tummy Time

1. Chest on Chest

baby doing chest to chest on mom

Snuggle up and lay your baby's tummy on your chest for some sweet bonding time. They'll feel your comforting heartbeat, and it's an excellent way to start their Tummy time adventure. A simple but easy tummy time activity to do without a mat. 

2. Tummy Time Books

baby reading sensory book during tummy time

Get ready to stimulate those tiny eyes! Invest in some adorable Tummy time books with captivating black and white patterns. These high-contrast designs are perfect for their developing eyesight and will surely captivate their attention.

3. Keep Toys Within Reach

baby reaching for colorful baby toys while doing tummy time

Make tummy time with a newborn an exploration adventure! Place colorful toys within their reach to encourage reaching and grabbing. It's not only fun but also helps to strengthen their arm and hand muscles.

4. Mat Play

baby playing on mat

Unleash the playtime magic with a soft and comfy mat! Lay your baby on their tummy and let them explore their little world. The mat provides a safe and cozy space for them to wriggle and discover.

5. Aeroplane Play

mom doing aeroplane play with baby

Prepare for takeoff! Hold your baby under their tummy, like an aeroplane, and gently lift them up. This fun activity engages their muscles while giving them a taste of being airborne (albeit for a moment!). 

6. Wrist Rattle

baby sucking on teething toy during tummy time

Turn Tummy time into a musical affair with a wrist rattle! Attach this delightful toy to their wrist while they're on the floor, and watch as they entertain themselves with the jingling sounds.

7. Shake a Toy

mom shaking rattle during tummy time activities

Create giggles aplenty by shaking a colorful toy in front of them during Tummy time. The sound and movement will captivate their attention, encouraging them to lift their head and reach for the fun!

8. Tummy Time Pillow or Comfy Rolled Up Towel

baby doing tummy time on folded towel

Comfort is key! Use a Tummy time pillow or a rolled-up towel to prop them up gently. This supportive aid makes tummy time more comfortable, especially for little ones who are still building their neck strength.

9. Baby Gym

baby playing on baby gym

Time for a tummy time workout at the baby gym! Lay your baby down on the mat, and let them enjoy the hanging toys and stimulating visuals. It's a fun way to keep them engaged while developing their muscles.

10. Mirror Play

baby looking at reflection in mirror

Who's that adorable baby? Introduce them to their cutest playmate - themselves! Place a mirror in front of them during tummy time, and let the mirror playtime begin! They'll be fascinated by their reflection and might even try to interact with their adorable buddy.

11. Get Down on Baby's Level

mom and baby playing on mat together

Last but not least, join the tummy time fun by getting down on your baby's level. Engage in eye-to-eye interactions, make funny faces, and talk to them. Being at their level encourages their social and cognitive development while creating heartwarming connections.

When Baby Doesn’t Like Tummy Time 

baby uncomfortable during tummy time activities

If your little one seems less than thrilled about tummy time activities at first, fret not! It's entirely normal for babies to feel uncomfortable in this new position. The key is to keep them engaged and get creative! Try different tummy time activities and find what captures their interest. It doesn't have to be a rigid routine; instead, look for natural opportunities throughout the day. For instance, during diaper changes, lay them on their tummy for a few moments. Gradually increase the time as they become more accustomed to it. Remember, tummy time should be a joyful experience, so make it fun and full of love!

Record Tummy Time Highlights

mom recording memories on Dujourbaby Memory Book App when baby first rolled

Capture those precious tummy time moments with pride! Don't forget to document these adorable milestones in your baby keepsake book. Trust us; you'll cherish these memories when your little one rolls over for the first time, and you'll fondly recall all the fun activities you shared that led to this achievement. Whether it's their first giggle during tummy time or their determined efforts to lift their head, record those heartwarming highlights. And if you're on the lookout for a simple and convenient way to preserve these memories, give the Dujourbaby Memory Book App a try! It's a breeze to use, allowing you to upload photos and record milestones effortlessly. Best of all, you can give it a test run for free! So, let's preserve those tummy time treasures and create lasting memories of your baby's incredible journey.

Embrace The Joy of Tummy Time

Baby doing tummy time on exercise ball with mom

Remember, the key is to keep it fun! Start gently during those newborn days, relishing those sweet chest-to-chest cuddles. As your little one grows stronger each day, add more exciting activities to the mix. Embrace the journey of tummy time with joy and creativity, savoring the tiny triumphs and cherished bonding moments. Whether it's reaching for toys or discovering their reflection in a mirror, every milestone is a treasure to celebrate. So, parents, hold on tight, enjoy the ride, and watch your precious little explorer bloom with tummy time magic!

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